Homer and His Gun…

Ed came in yesterday and told us that he was buying more ammo before President Obama has a chance to take his guns or ammo away. I guess he thinks Obama has less than 170 days to hand this country over to ISIS and take all our weapons. He then listed off the rifles and handguns in his possession and he so proudly stated, “I’m an American and a responsible gun owner!” He failed to mention he suffers from anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

To end this post on a funny note, I did see a funny thing the other day while driving down to San Diego. It was one of those little decals you see on rear windows of cars showing family members with names under each of them. This guy in a big manly pickup had a daddy assault rifle, mom shotgun and two kid handguns and a snub-nosed 38 as the pet. This too will pass



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