Are They Serious?

Each attendee of the RNC got a swag bag which is normal for all trade shows and conventions. Let’s take a look into the bag and check out what they included. Mmmm, a bag that says, “Make America Strong Again!” Okay, a Trump pen and a pad of paper. That’s the usual stuff. Wait what’s this? A plastic blob, no it’s a plastic fetus?! Just what I wanted, a plastic fetus to hang from my rear view mirror. 

I think I’ll just leave that puppy in my pocket rather than hang it in my car. Oh I’m a generous man, I’d probably give it to my evangelical coworker Ed. Back to the bag, let’s see… I notice they didn’t include any complimentary condoms. They really should have because the male escorts who have descended on Cleveland have been doing a brisk business since the convention took over the city but I digress. 

Great, a redcap that says, Make America Strong! I want one of those babies, you know I’ll be sure to wear it proudly. Okay, what’s this at the bottom of the bag? A bumper sticker that says, “I was the last Republican President. George W Bush” This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Are They Serious?

  1. I hardly know what to say. Maybe he can get is ears pierced and wear a plastic fetus in each one. Maybe they can make them into candy and eat them. I’m so ashamed of America that I’m going to practice an accent so I can say I’m from somewhere else.

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