Fred, Wilma and Mike Pense…

Vice President Candidate Mike Pense doesn’t believe in climate change yet he believes in creationism and how old is the planet earth in his mind? Five thousand something years old, I suppose he did the math and somehow it all started when God said, oh I don’t know the exact words but come on folks, there is no mathematical way it started with Adam and Eve. The math just doesn’t work even if I didn’t carry over the seven; there are 7 billion people now on the planet.

According to Pense and his troop of rubes, I guess Fred Flintstone, Wilma and Barney Rubble did use dinosaurs in their daily lives. Nothing comes in more useful as a triceratops lawnmower on a hot summer day like today. The Flintstones and Rubbles were real when I was a little kid. They showed up every Friday evening and let me in their lives. I would laugh every time their saber toothed cat would come back in at the close of the show…

I wonder how Bam Bam is doing after that DUI and that stint in rehab. I think Doctor Drew had him on his celebrity rehab show. What! Are you saying Fred Flintstone was a made up character? I swear I saw dinosaurs living with cavemen so it must be true. Here’s the thing that’s scary, Mr. Pense is one heart attack away from being in the Oval Office. That alone would put the fear of God in me… This too will pass

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