If You Drink and Drive… You Lose

I’m sure it’s in every state’s drivers handbook it says, “Drivers must obey the directions of a traffic flagger.” I mean that’s what we’re out there for, to prevent you from being involved in a serious head on accident. At 7pm, the duty supervisor called and said, “I know you’re near the end of your shift but can you do traffic control for Ed? He’s on a blind curve up on Thornhill.” What could I say, Ed would do the same for me.

It was still light out when I placed my safety cones and signs out and with the help of the premise technician we began to direct traffic so that Ed could boom up to the ulitity pole. All was going well until a black sports crossover came flying around the curve. The driver proceeded to knock over at least 10 cones before she came to a stop. The irate woman began to honk as if to say, “Why are your cones smashed up under my car?!” 

I walked up to her passenger window and said, “Didn’t you see the signs? The first one said Slow, the second one said, Flagger Ahead and the third one said, Stop.” She began to yell at me, “Your cones are ruining the underside of my Mercedes. I’ll sue you.” I replied, “Okay, let’s call the Oakland P.D and see what they say. Your car smells of alcohol and we’ll see if they ticket me or you? How about that. Let’s who they believe?”  That shut her up and she quickly put her car into reverse dislodging my crumpled cones and made a U-Turn and sped away. 

I have no pity on drunk drivers, if they want to hurt themselves by drinking let them but why should they take their unhappiness out on the streets. If my cones had been a group of kids crossing the road, what would she had said, “Your children are damaging my car?” This too will pass

4 thoughts on “If You Drink and Drive… You Lose

  1. You were kind to her- when she didn’t deserve it- hopefully your words scared her into thinking (about calling the PD— patience in drivers is not so much knowledge as it is long term practice. It doesn’t sound like the driver has acquired the virtue of patience and caution yet…

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  2. I always see and adhere to the signs “let ’em work…let ’em live.” My children are firefighters. They block the road with engines and cones but there is always the errant driver who is pissed off because they have to stop, so they drive around. One woman did that and was texting her friend she was meeting to tell them the “fucking firefighters” were blocking the road. She lost control, killed the motorcyclist who the firefighters were trying to help for non-life threatening injuries and almost killed the firefighter. Of course, to her….it was the firefighters’ fault for blocking the road.


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