A Typical Safety Breakfast…

John called me yesterday morning and asked, “Would you be willing to come in at 11am tomorrow? We’re having a safety breakfast.” He wasn’t thinking of me, he had to call twenty-four hours in advance so as not to have to pay me time and a half all day. I replied, “Yeah I’m part of this thing we call a team, I guess.” 

By coming in two hours early, I had to deal will the gear grinding morning traffic heading south on The 101 thru Marin County. The Eastshore Freeway was six lanes of cars going no more than 10 miles an hour. I pulled into the garage to be met with picked thru bagels and a near empty carton of juice, the morning crew got first dibs.  

The three managers read off the horrible accidents that happened in other parts of the country, “A splicing tech in Texas was killed when he came in contact with 12,000 volts. A premise technician died when his van was involved in a rollover accident and finally a technician died when he went into a manhole. No cause of death given.” (Dead air I suspect, no oxygen.)

What a delightful way to start your shift, hearing the many way you can die on this job. Next safety breakfast we’ve been promised a power point presentation. I asked Ed what that meant and he said he didn’t have a clue. Whatever happened to those old Ma Bell movies where a guy with a 70’s haircut and clothes would tell the new guy how to be safe and employee would say, “I suppose you’ll have to mark a deviation on my safety card.” That’s when the audience used to boo. I guess I’m getting old… This too will pass

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