California’s On Fire Again…

Last year the area just twenty miles north of The Fire Temple burnt to a crisp and now it’s the rugged mountains of Big Sur and the mountains outside of Los Angeles turn. The problem with The Firewood Temple as I’ve said before, there’s only one way in and one way out. I hope I never see one of those glowing atomic bomb looking clouds rising above Sonoma Mountain as I’m driving home some night.

My first thought would be, “Toonce!” I care about Mr. Toonce C. Booncie and I want him at cat peace, not cat terrified. The way I look at it, things come and go and if I lost everything, I would just start all over but my cat is my buddy. The other night I smelled smoke but it was from the fire in the Sierras. The pine trees are dying from a beetle infestation cause by our drought. I told Toonce, “Boo, if I hear fire sirens we’re packing up. No one wants their fur toasted.” He meowed in agreement… 

It’s not even August and those two major fires are already stretching our firefighters thin. Rob’s cousin will load up his D5 dozer tomorrow and cut firebreaks when they need him. I admire anyone who lowers his asbestos shields down on his bulldozer cab and heads into a roaring wildfire. I can operate a dozer but that takes guts, guts I don’t have… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “California’s On Fire Again…

  1. I don’t like to push like if there is any chance of danger to you or other people. Take care and thanks for letting me know since I try to say prayers for areas in the country where they need them. Have a good rest of the week, Juan. Scratch little Toonce on his chin or behind his ears. . . xo


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