Feeling The Bern…

Bernie Sanders could have gone up to podium and told his supporters, “We got ripped off! Walkout of this convention and vote for a third party candidate!” He didn’t for he knows how important this life and death race is. Do we want a man who belittles handicapped people, calls women broads and tells our allies to pony up or we won’t come to their aid in time of crisis?

Bernie was tagged by Donald J Trump as a fascist and socialist; this is for those who don’t understand idologies, you can’t be both a fascist and a socialist. I heard Trump yesterday calling Bernie a real communist yet he’s never mentioned that he himself is a fascist. Remember how he tells his crowds, “I will bring together the greatest business minds to solve our problems.” If that isn’t the start of a fascist government I don’t know what is.

I have a real bad feeling about the upcoming election. Americans have been dumbed down to believe anything a thirty second sound bite tells us. I’m afraid this country is about to put in power a sociopathic narcissist facist into The White House. Did you notice how Mr. Trump would make some of the same body gestures as did Benito Mussolini did while making his speeches? If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is… 

Yes, Bernie Sanders knows what the stakes are and did the right thing. As hard as it is to say, so did Ted Cruz. I look up to Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney for speaking out on this up and coming dictator. I also congratulate Megan Kelly for standing up to Trump. Oh I can’t go on, I need to throw up. Bernie Bernie Bernie, okay that’s better. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Feeling The Bern…

  1. I just pray that at least an experienced politician wins. I also want to say a lot of the bad stuff said about Hillary has been said before about almost every other politician. They just emphasize the negatives since they are scared she will win! Hugs, Robin


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