Big Nate’s

I was never been much into basketball; in grade school and in high school I was always picked last, after the handicapped guy and the kid with the yarmulka. The other day I heard basketball great Nate Thurman had passed away. 

The truth is I still have no clue what position he played while he played for the Golden State Warriors back in the 70’s but one Friday afternoon in the 1980’s, that I actually crossed paths with him. I was way younger and so willing to pick up a job an hour before the end of my shift. The trouble ticket read, “No dialtone… See Mr. Thurmand…” 

I walked in and asked for Mr. Thurmond and this incredibly tall man says, “Well here I am. You’re here to fix our main line. After you’re done can I fix you up a plate of food?” Back then I was real good at my job and within minutes I had him back up in service. A few minutes after finishing, he handed me a tray of smoked beef, pork and chicken and a lot of side dishes. I brought it back to the crew room and four of us ate like kings. They say he never spoke much about his playing day but only about his favorite sauces… This too will pass

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