California Dreaming…

Having started work two hours earlier yesterday, I had the privilege to get off earlier and how refreshing it was to have sun out when I began my journey back north. I hopped into my car and hit the end of the afternoon commute traffic, that’s when my nightmare began. 

It took thirty minutes to go five miles on 80 but thankfully I made it onto the 580 westbound on ramp when I heard, “Oh if things we’re bad enough. The CHP has issued a sig-alert for 580 westbound. A multiple car accident has blocked every lane. Take an alternative route to your destination.” At the last minute, I weaseled my way onto an exit ramp with people honking at me and flipping me off. 

After taking a bunch of little known shortcuts I made it back onto 80 and headed north toward Vallejo. Once again we came to a dead stop and for what seemed like an eternity we inched north. Finally the was light at the end of the tunnel, State Highway 37. It had taken me an hour to go ten miles but wow I made it to this point…

Another hour of gridlock caused by a guy texting and veering off the two lane road into the salt marsh awaited me. When it was all said and done, it got back to The Firewood Temple 30 minutes earlier than my usual time… Toonce greeted me by meowing, “Oh you’re home a bit early. Feed me now.” This too will pass

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