Dora Sorell pt.2

Yesterday’s encounter with Dora Sorell was actually quite inspiring. I Googled her name later and saw a couple of YouTube videos about her life. At the age of 22 she was one of the hundreds of thousands who stood on that infamous platform of Auschwitz; both her parents and two brothers were motioned to the left and she to the right.

A few week later, again it was selection time for death or a work detail. The guards and capos needed only for 200 workers and somehow they took her in the two hundred and first position, the rest were killed within an hour. As she was 95 years old, she kept repeating the same story but I acted as if it was told to me for the first time.

The crude tattoo on her left arm A-7603 stood testimony as to her being there and having survived the nightmare of the holocaust. I find it interesting that a few years later, a war reparations department sent her a check for her pain and suffering with a letter saying how sorry they were. I asked her what the letter said and she replied, “I don’t remember. I gave all the money away. I didn’t want it.” I got up from the cafe table and wished her well… This too will pass

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