How Time Drags…

Just one short month ago, it was quite light out at this time. Toonce and I would be making our way down the hill to clear brush and dead trees but as I lay here in total darkness, I see the that sunrise is still an hour off. The usual choral group of birds are sound asleep in their nests and even the crickets must be taking a well deserved break. I guess that’s why Toonce likes spending his nights outside, it must be the total silence on his ears he enjoys…

I’ve waited 40 some odd days for this day to come, instead of getting off at 9pm, I’m getting off at five. I’m changing my work clothes and then picking up my daughter. I’m tempted on driving to SFO and parking in one of their long term lots but taking BART would be much cheaper. I’ll play it by ear. 

In twenty-six hours from now, I’ll be seeing my little man, Hunter. I know the days there will feel like they’re flying by rapidly and before I know it, I’ll get that notification from Delta, “It’s time to check in.” The spiritually enlightened ones say to be happy, live in the moment and thus enjoy every moment. I think I will follow what they say over the coming days… This too will pass

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