Leaving On A Jet Plane… Not Soon Enough

My Supervisor John said, “Hey Big Guy, Have a nice trip! Hit the button.” (meaning: pick up a job and get to work.) I told him I would have a great time and I hit the button and without fail I got a job that would get me grimey. The newbie prem tech made a ticket because the drop wire was damaged and needed replacing. I called him and said, “What’s up with this puppy?” “Well I’m ready to quit, I didn’t sign up for this *+^~!” He replied. 

A few minutes later I pulled up to the house and there he was vaping in his truck, his shiny new tools hanging from his truck’s side mirror. “The lady is putting her two pit bulls. One almost bit me. I don’t need this!” I replied, “I can’t stand dogs, they’re always licking their chops and panting anyway what’s this job about?” He went on to say a squirrel had chewed the wire and it needed to be replaced…

After about an hour we had a new wire strung thru the four trees, a prickly bush and a weird looking palm tree… I swear, as soon as we finished placing the damaged wire, a squirrel was already eyeing his new tasty shiny wire…  This too will pass

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