Ahhh Newark New Jersey…

Nothing has changed since I last was here nor the time before that nor the time before that. The same potholes and trash items are right where I left them. The paper bag of garden debris discarded on the side of road is still there. The bag has nearly decomposed but the form is still intact. The pothole that could have swallowed a small car, well the road repair team awhile back shoveled massive sized stone gravel into the bottomless hole unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem, now the pothole is surrounded by windshield damaging debris.

As we headed back to the hotel last night, I noticed a two by three neon sign that read, “Welcome to Newark.” The problem with that sign was, it’s thirty feet from the roadway and unless it caught your eye, it was totally worthless sitting there. You know as well as I do, some crooked politician had a friend who had a friend who owned a sign company, well you put two and two together…

Finally we pulled into the tired Robert Treat Best Western Hotel, in the heart of Newark. Tashi said, “Are you sure you want to stay here?” I replied, “It will be okay, just stay in the car and keep the door locked.” While the front desk staff were busy checking in others, I noticed next to the elevator a sign reading, “Guests will be required to show guard their room card key!” Next to the sign was the said guard sound asleep with his feet up on the desk. No one was waking that sentry up in the near future.  This too will pass

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