The Best Western Robert Treat Hotel…

I’m hardly a hotel reviewer but here it goes. It isn’t the 1960’s gray tiled bathroom or the lobby carpet which looked as if it was salvaged from an old Las Vegas casino prior to its demolition, it was the weird feeling that we had entered a weird time warp.

 The bathroom fixtures must have looked revolutionary back in the 1960’s, not so much today. Another thing about the bathroom, they probably got a great deal when they purchased the industrial toilet from the soon to be demolished bus terminal.

The room furnishings were bought at someone’s yard sale out on Long Island and we just noticed the lamps look as if they had been thrown around the room a few times. Ok, so it’s a tired old place… Is it the worse? No… 

I had unknowingly prepaid for the room and only found out that fact out when I looked at my credit card statement. They knew a one night stay would be all they would have gotten from us so they said I got the prepaid rate… Well as long as there are no bed bugs, we’ll be just fine. This too will pass

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