Who’s The Cake Boss?

I knew we were in for a long wait the second I pulled our number. Our number was I-52 and they were just pulling H-86. This was my third time here but Tashi’s first time and she wasn’t going to be denied… The hundred or so people waited quietly for their number to come up, I waited outside, away from the cake hungry mob… After awhile Tashi came out totally disappointed, the place would close before her number would be called but her number would be honored tomorrow morning…

We then walked up Washington Street looking for a real Italian dinner, we ended up at Trattoria Saporito. Was it the ultimate Italian dinner I’ve ever had? The calamari was chewy and their accompanying marinara sauce incredibly bland. Then we waited while the chef handcrafted the meat raviolis or they had to make a run to Costco because we waited and waited until they got around to it. 

Finally, after our antipasto was completely digested, the manager walked up to us and promised our food would be out shortly. When our food did come out, Tashi’s pasta was so spicy it couldn’t be eaten and she enjoys spicy food. My ravioli dish had the weakest sauce known to mankind. The owner didn’t want to hear our complaints and declared, “It’s meant to be very spicy!” We took a few bites and asked for our check…

I actually like Hoboken New Jersey a lot and I could live there. This too will pass

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