Playtime for Tashi and Hunter!

 Hunter had had enough of sitting in his car seat and had another full blown temper tantrum. Tashi suggested we go to the playground instead of The World Trade Center, Tashi and I will do it tomorrow. The funny thing is, the minute we got Hunter into his stroller, he fell fast asleep. I wouldn’t miss this for anything! 
Hunter has a little personality and he loves to walk. Who wants to be stuck in a car seat anyway? Prior to playing, mom had to lather the young lad with SPF 50 because he’s so light skinned. So here we are having fun at the playground and I just love it. 

Poor Chris and Eleina look totally exhausted; between Chris’s sometimes obnoxious behavior and Eleina with her constant anxiety and insomnia, I don’t know how they are making it without killing each other. Eleina worries about everything, thank goodness Chris is a take charge man who jumps into action when called upon; though sometimes I’ve had to tell him to knock it off. Hey I’m still his dad. This too will pass

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