Tired Young Man…

Mr. Hunter is starting to get a little personality. Yesterday he had a little temper tantrum. He cried and wouldn’t be buckled into his stroller. I mentioned using Baby Taser by Graco on him but my suggestion was quickly put down by his mom. 
Today we need to buy more diapers at Buy Buy Baby, I swear that’s the name of the place… Chris and I have already agreed I’m going to do the patiented “Excuse me, do you carry the batteries for Baby Be Quiet by Graco? Not the unit. I don’t believe they’re allowed to be sold in New Jersey.” The last time we did it, we laughed so in the car…

I thought of other baby products, how about Baby Be Dry, potty training pants infused with moisture activated Capsaicin. Of course for the harder to train toddler, Big Boy Pants. They’d have a higher concentration of the irritant in them. Oh come on, it’s a joke, when Candid Camera did that stuff in the 1960’s everyone thought it was hilarious. This too will pass

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