In Search of BoBo…

Tashi insisted on finding a certain tea shop and what was I going to say? She read the Yelp reviews and said, “It’s a five star place. Come on dad, it’s only five blocks from where we are.” An hour later, we made it to the place. Why do drivers in The Big Apple think they can just stop anywhere they want. 

At one point I began to lose it. I laid on my horn and you might say I had a New York State of Mind. I’ve driven a big truck in heavy traffic but this is chaos… Pedestrians just walk in front of you and it’s your job not to hit them… Tashi told me about this video game she plays, Grand Theft Auto where you’re supposed to hit pedestrians… Has our society come to this, a game where you’re trying to hit people in crosswalks? What’s next a game where you shoot people at random. “What Tashi? You’re supposed to kill who?” Brother, this too will pass

One thought on “In Search of BoBo…

  1. In Colorado, pedestrians have the right of way NO MATTER WHAT! So you can be a happy camper because you have the green light and rush for the intersection only to have to stop for the smiling tourists wanting to cross. I have to wonder if they have to honor the “No Walk” picture flashing at them. Hmm…

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