Meg Whitman Supports Who?

Well now I’ve seen everything, former California Republican Candidate for Governor, Meg Whitman is voting for Hillary Clinton. She’s now calling Trump a demagogue and a danger to America’s future. Think about this, Trump has managed to turn an ardent Republican into a Clinton supporter. 

Sure you’ll always have the suck ups like Governor Chris Christie backing Trump. Christie reminds me of O’Neil in Platoon (Ted McGinley) a guy willing to stay in favor with the alpha dog at any cost. Yes, Christie is your typical politician who only looks out for himself but back to Trump. 

The ultimate narcissist who wants to rule his people with an iron fist has even managed to alienate the die hard right wing troop. Again as it’s hard to say, I must give praise to Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush who had the guts to stand up to this megalomaniac… God have mercy on them should he win. Tia too will pass

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