Our Search Has Ended…

Tashi and I decided to check out New York City and somehow we landed in Brooklyn at the corner of 6th Street and 15th Ave. at a restuarant called Mariella’s. The other night we had looked for a real Italian dinner, well we got it tonight. I have a simple review, it was pure perfection. 

We started with a tomato avocado salad which was simple yet completely spectacular. Tashi had a cold green bean salad with yummy flaked cheese. I then had the rigatoni with a meat sauce and Tashi had a variation of my pasta dish. We both had iced teas which tasted like used cigarette butts but we smoked them up, I mean sipped them down.

To round off the night, as we drove back to the Brooklyn Bridge, we passed a bar where a few mooks were standing out in front smoking big cigars. One of the big guys called out to Tashi, “Hey! How ya doing honey.” If I had been Henry Hill in Goodfellas, I would have jumped out of the car and pistol whipped that guy. I don’t own a gun and I most certainly would have been on the short end of the stick in that battle… This too will pass

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