I Love My Grandson…

Chris worked all night and he was a bit cranky today. All day I heard, “Slow down Hunter wants to walk or carry him or I’m telling mom.” Sometimes I think Chris needed a nap more than Hunter. We walked around the zoo till about 2pm and that was going to be it for the day. Hunter was tired and so was Grandpa Juan but the wonderful thing is, Hunter’s starting to recognize me. He smiles when he see me, now it might just be the kitty cat meows I make; whatever it is, it fills me with happiness.

I’m so glad we extended our stay till Sunday because I truly love my little family. Anyone who knows me know I’ll do whatever I can for those people I love. Yes, in some cases it has ended in complete and total disaster but I can only hope Hunter lives a wonderful life. The thing is, I see he’s so filled with light and his father and mother are trying so hard, I see something beautiful in them.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to give that little boy such a hug and tell him that I love him. I know he hasn’t a clue what love is but maybe he’ll feel my love for him… I want nothing from him nor do I expect anything from him. The only thing I hope is he a man who’s full of love and can give it to others… This too will pass

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