Traffic On Steroids…

Our destination was Newark and somehow we landed eastbound on the Queenboro Bridge heading to Queens. Don’t ask me how we got on that, I thought we were on our way to the George Washington Bridge via the RFK Freeway. It was a nightmare of traffic with an impatient daughter yelling I was going in the wrong direction.

After having to return via the Midtown Tunnel into Manhattan, that’s when the real torture began. We inched our way towards the Holland Tunnel until we got to Varick Street. I think it took 30 minutes to go one block, that drove Tashi into a road rage filled passenger. 

Tashi timed our wait, it took an hour and ten minutes to go the final two blocks to the tunnel entrance. Magically, once we condensed from 10 lanes to two lanes, everything sped up but by that time, my nerves were spent and I was ready to cry… I could hear Chris saying, “You’re a Morooon for driving into the city on a workday!” This too will pass

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