Baby Watch…

My job was to watch over and protect Hunter while he slept and their job was to buy formula and nipples at the Babies R Us. I must admit, I fell asleep while I was on duty… Chris got all upset and said, “You fell asleep! I’m telling mom!” I wish he would just stop it and put on his big boy pants. Isn’t it a right for a grandfather to fall asleep? 

I’m getting old but at one time I had all the energy in the world. I like taking naps next to Hunter’s car seat, it’s bonding time. I told Hunter, “Let’s tell daddy your first words were Niners!” Chris hates the San Francisco Forty-Niners. I couldn’t get him to buy in on that. Oh well… This too will pass

9 thoughts on “Baby Watch…

  1. Not sure what they thought would happen with you right next to him in the car but oh well…

    My husband graduated from University of Texas and our grandson’s dad graduated from University of Houston. Each would dress our grandson in clothes with their Alma Maters’ logo when sending him from one house to the other. Boys will be boys!😍


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