Big Boy Stop Going!

We walked into Buy Buy Baby and started to look for our mark; the women in our party wanted nothing to do with us and ran in the other way. Every good play needs a prop so Hunter was involuntarily recruited look  believable. The manager came over and said, “What can I help you find?” We small talked for awhile about his upcoming trip to San Francisco. I replied, “We’re looking for potty training pants infused with moisture activated Capsaicin? It may not be legal in New Jersey but it’s widely used in California.”

Chris and I thought we were busted when he called his department head on his walkie-talkie, “Laura in diapers. Customer needs help!” Laura showed up and asked, “What are you looking for? I’m in charge of this department and know quite a bit about all types of diapers.” I did my routine and she said, “We don’t carry those at this store but I think we have it online. Let’s look.” I declined. Chris could barely keep a straight face… When we got back to the car we both laughed hysterically…

 Tomorrow we’re going to go to a Pet Smart reptile section and ask the department person, “Do you carry baby cobras or coral snake eggs? We went to your other store but they were out of stock.” All the way to this Cheesecake Factory we thought up even more wild scenarios. Eleina said, “Chris is just like you. Same laugh and humor.” This too will pass

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