Early Morning Television…

Since selling that house in 2014, I’ve weened myself off of the boob tube. In the silence of the early morning, I turned on the wasteland and wish I hadn’t. Now I see how we, as a people, have been so dumbed down as to where we would even think of electing a megalomaniac reality show host as leader of this country. 

On channel two fifty something a couple of women are selling bedroom toys sent discretely to  my door and on the very next channel a man selling me a frying pan that won’t stick. (I wonder if he mentions that the chemicals they coat the pan with might give me cancer?) Okay let me go up a few channels, a couple of channels that want to sell me knifes, not just your regular kind of knifes, stabbie looking ones. 

All I could think was, “Must make it to a channel where my brain won’t shrivel up.” Channel 275, Stop Saggy Skin, 276 there is hope for my inability to well you know.  Oh no it’s too late. I can feel my brain cells dying. Let’s see what’s this, reruns of a show with a guy who fires people. Wait, he’s so successful and in telly gent and he looks so leader like. I bet he would make a great president. This too will pass

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