Grandpa’s Ready to Cry…

I swear as I’m sitting in this diner, I’m ready to tear up and Tashi is telling to keep it together. She knows I’m going to miss Hunter and Company when we have to leave tomorrow. I called Delta to see about changing my flight back to Monday and calling in sick but the ticket change cost, well let’s say I can’t afford to buy Delta a new Boeing 787 right now.
Tashi and I are melting in this humid heat and no one seems to notice it. I spoke to a woman standing in line at the mall Starbucks and she said, “Nutting we can dooo about it, just stay at the mall.” I wonder if Hunter will have a Jersey accent… Will he say, “Hey, we’re playing tag here.” Right now he makes little noises and ba ba ba ba’s but soon he’ll say, “Mama and Daddy I love you!” 

When I was raising my children I didn’t have the time to appreciate those little things that count or maybe I was asleep. Maybe this is my second chance given to me by The Cosmic Consciousness. This too will pass

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