Thunder and Lightening…

There are only a couple of things that bother me more than canines, it’s thunder and lightening. This morning we woke up to a big boom, an explosion of a million M80 firecrackers shook the hotel this morning. I called down to the desk and the chipper desk man  said, “It’s only thunder, go back to sleep.” I turned on the Weather Channel just as the guy was saying, “New York will have thunderstorms throughout the day.”

At 9am, we’re going to pick up the little family. Hopefully the storm will hold off till we end our day’s activities. I don’t like thunder and lightening and I don’t have a clue how people can sleep thru one of these storms. West Coast storms are refreshing and cooling, here you get wet but have no relief from the oppressive humidity. No wonder people here seem cranky… 

The East Coast is so different from my side of the country. Chris says I wouldn’t last a day here yet he wants me here. I don’t want to sound like a cranky old man but there are dogs everywhere and now with thunder booming, it would take a big change in my being to live here…. Oh wonderful another boom! Let me get under this coffee table, that’s better. This too better pass like right now

2 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightening…

  1. You have led a sheltered life, weather wise. So funny. I think your son’s right…you wouldn’t last very long in the area. Booms are one thing, the CRACK lightening is the most fun cuz it sounds like the planet is splitting in half.

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  2. Thunder here in the mountains is very loud. Isn’t thunder supposed to be followed by rain. Not here! However, the monsoon season has begun so we have rain with little thunder.Sometimes we can’t tell the difference in thunder and gunfire. I can only hope it is target practice.Yikes!😓

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