I’m Weird… I Know

We left Hunter, Chris and Eleina at around 1pm as we had planned. Tashi had had enough of New York City proper, so I asked her, “You want to see something cool? The Amityville House on Long Island and you tell me what you feel.” Tashi is really in touch with her psychic abilities and is very sensitive.
We made our way thru mind crushing traffic on the Long Island Expressway to the infamous house at 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville. Tashi kept saying there’s something freaky here and when we parked out in front of the house, she said, “That house is still haunted. Let’s get out of here.” We took a couple of pictures and then headed to a diner for lunch. That whole area gave both of us the creeps and no real reason… Off we went to JFK to start our journey home… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “I’m Weird… I Know

  1. Dave’s nephew loves in a haunted house. No thank you! I won’t even go in. He doesn’t love nearby thank goodness. Last time we were there they invited us in…I was totally creeped out and the next day they started telling us about all e weird things that go on there. Never went back in LOL

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