One Step Closer to Toonce…

Tashi insisted on taking a picture of me driving down the Long Island Expressway. It was hardly an expressway in either direction. What I couldn’t believe was the clearance height of all the overpasses. I kept telling Tashi, “I would destroy my company truck if I tried to make it thru that one.” 

All roads lead to JFK and somehow we found even another route to get there. A few short minutes after arriving at terminal 4, we were checked in and ready to sit and wait in the Delta Sky Lounge and as Wally Bird once said, “It’s the only way to fly!”
I must live in the moment and not think how I’m going to survive working tomorrow from 1 to 9pm. I figure, after dropping Tashi off in Oakland and then heading home, I should be there at 3am or so. The roosters will be rising just about this rooster is falling asleep. Then I need to pick up His Highness! I’m sure he’ll meow all the way back to The Firewood Temple. This too will pass

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