And Now We Wait…

After an hour of waiting on the tarmac at JFK, the entire sold out plane cheered when the pilot said, “This is the flight deck again, I think we’re going to the last flight of JFK tonight.” The 767 began to roll faster and faster and no one was going to turn us back. Every passenger on board once again cheered…

Now we were to have arrived at 12:45am but even with the mild head wind in our favor we touched down at 2am. The worldwide shutdown of Delta flights caused by a power blackout caused us to becparked on another tarmac upon landing. By that time, Tashi was pitching a fit and promising to never take Delta again. 

When the pilot said, “Well ladies and gentlemen. We had a gate assigned but the plane departing can’t go anywhere. They’re finding us another one. We’ll keep you informed.” The flight crew allowed the tired passengers to get up and use the facilities which was welcomed by all. Finally at 3am we exited the plane, that’s when things got interesting.

With Delta’s computer system down, their baggage system was also slowed to a crawl. Thank goodness we had flown business class because even though we waited for a half hour, our bags showed up first. We walked out to the cool fog of San Francisco and we both said, “Ahhhh now we’re home!” Twenty minutes later I dropped Tashi off at her mom’s and forty-five minutes after that, I was crashed out after one long day… That too did pass

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