Now I’ve Heard Everything…

Here are a couple of news items that are truly a sad commentary on our society. It was reported this morning, there’s a new reality show in the production phase starring Snoop Dog and Martha Steward. What’s this reality show about you ask? The two of them are going to have a weekly dinner with guests… Move over PBS’s Nova, now we have some thought provoking programming. What do you want to bet the word ‘blunt’ will be used and Martha will smile nervously everytime that word is used by her co-host… 

The Olympics are going on in Rio and being that NBC is the primary telecaster, they get to pick all the events starting times. So they have decided to have beach volleyball start at midnight so it’s viewed by the prime time east coast audiences. You know watching scantily clad girls in bikinis jumping around is some good watching. 

Lastly, we might have a reality show host as the leader of the free world. Need I say more? This too will pass

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