These Are Dangerous Times…

Yesterday’s comment by Donald J Trump is hopefully just another nail in his political coffin or a bad sign of things to come. At a rally in North Carolina, Herr Trump said, “If Hillary gets in, she will do away with The 2nd Amendment and there would be nothing we could do about it. Well I don’t know, maybe The 2nd Amendment People could do something. I don’t know.”

Herr Trump was blowing the silent dog whistle to the deranged gun packer to take care of his opponent. When questioned by reporters as to what he meant, his handlers could only come up with this moronic statement, “Those 2nd Admendment Voters aren’t going to vote for Hillary…” Man, that was a weak response by anyone’s standards.

Trump loves to incite his crowds into a rabid and frenzied mob. I really believe he hopes his followers would be willing to do anything in his name. Ask yourself this, who were the people of the last century who helped round up the Undr Mencshen? That’s right, the same sort of mob who cheered wildly at their infamous leader’s suggestions.

I often wonder what would Trump’s Troops be so willing to do for him? Maybe round up his scapegoats and silence his opponents. Someone’s banging on my door… You want me to go where? I’m only half Mexican. Can I at least put on some pants? This too will pass

4 thoughts on “These Are Dangerous Times…

  1. A president can’t change the constitution. Nor can a congressman or a senator. It takes a lot of people cooperating to change the constitution. I really think Khan was right and Trump hasn’t even bothered to read it. He either doesn’t know the process or he is lying. Either way. He can’t be president. He just can’t.

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