Crash And Smash…

Do falling trees in the forest make a sound if there’s no one around? It’s debatable but this puppy didn’t go down quietly. Notice how thick the trunk is, it’s a good 20 inches in diameter and for it to snap like a twig is alone impressive. Over the next few days I’ll start to cut it up. 

Rob’s cousin will bring up his D6 dozer and we’ll pull the main trunk up the hill rather than me cutting up and hauling it up the hillside. I’m such a kid, he let’s me run the dozer and I love it. I’m actually pretty good at operating a dozer. Hey when I was a little boy I was good at playing with my Tonka Bulldozers. 

Yesterday we loaded the wood splitter onto the pickup, it’s been a little under the weather and needs a tune up. Rob will be gone this coming week taking his family on a shoestring vacation in The Sierras. He and his family hike the Pacific Crest Trail little by little, meanwhile I’ll be dissecting this deceased tree… This too will pass

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