Shorter Days Longer Nights…

I’m not afraid of winter but I know it’s coming and with it showing up in a few months, I know I need to once again steel myself to the fact it’s going to get rough again. Last winter I barely survived, between running out of propane, black water tank capacity issues and a leaking RV, I thought I was near the end. I know it sounds as if I’m whining but living in a place where everything was a struggle, started to get to me. 

At one point, I made a real bad mistake, I had left the heater on while I was at work which drained the propane tank and not being able to refill it, well you get the picture… Not being able to get the RV out of The Firewood Temple due to the steep inclined muddy road and with no real heat I bought a mini electric heater, which was fine until a tree somewhere down the road knocked the power out for days. Each night I lit my candles, crawled under the blankets and thought to myself, “You sold a mortgage free house to live in an RV… You are truly stupid!”   

Did I mention the mud? There was mud everywhere and it was a constant battle keeping the floor of the RV somewhat clean. The ritual of cleaning Toonce’s paws became old along with him being forced to stay in the RV on the days it rained. He really hated it and I had the shredded window screens to prove it. Winter will be here soon and I need to man up and accept it. Living in the moment will hopefully get me thru another wet winter. This too will pass

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