The Monks of Olema…

Looking back almost 45 years, while all my highschool peers were attending school dances and trying to get laid, I was meditating and reading The Bhagavad Gita. Lately, I’ve been getting the urge to go back to what I left so long ago. Oh I know none of the monks I knew will be there, all of them were in their late forties and fifties so chances are they’re in their next incarnations by now. 

You might be asking yourself what sort of person relinquishes all his stuff and lives like that? They were good honest men who had had enough of the world with all its crap and had decided to change their paths midstream. Mr. Hersch had been a physics professor at MIT, Mr. Warren had been a truck driver, Mr. St.Clair had worked as a civil engineer and Vimukta (I don’t remember his sir name) had had a career in the military. 

We all at some point look back to see how we got to this point in our lives. How did I land up living in a RV with a American Standard laying next to me purring his heart out. Maybe my prayer beads is a sharp chainsaw chain. The thing is, I learned a lot from those men. Yes it’s been 45 years since I was there yet today I still get up at the crack of dawn and I try to lead a simple life. Oh I’m still human and I do human things but maybe those days 45 years ago got me right here. This too will pass

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