Power Point…

After the destruction of that ladder truck I posted a few days ago, The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company’s safety people came by today with a power point presentation showing us how not to damage a 200,000 dollar truck. I didn’t know it’s not wise to drive my 12 foot high truck in a parking structure which has a 9 foot clearance? 

The guy went on to say that safety is our number one job at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company and oh by the way, our trucks are tools… He obviously was a contractor hired to go to every garage and tell technicians to be safe so we can go home to our families at the end of the day. The truth is, The Company only cares about indemnifying itself should they get sued… 

I think an episode of The Simpsons says it best. When Montgomery Burns is informed of an employee dying on the job and he says, “Send a letter of regret and a sympathy ham to the grieving family.” I’m sure when and if someone gets killed on the job, our relatives wouldn’t even get a stinking ham… This too will pass

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