The 2016 Crush…

On our drive to work yesterday, we noticed vineyard workers setting up the lighted canopies used to pick grapes in the dead of the night. Rob said, “I guess The Crush is on.” I replied, “It sure does. Educate me, it’s the acidity levels.” He went on to explain that good grapes produce good wines and the good grapes are picked when the acid is higher in the grape. We then joked about the upcoming number of accidents caused by the grape juice truck drivers who don’t know the roads and land up in ditches and of the bus loads of tourists who come to this area thinking they know wine yet are totally ignorant. I actually felt good when he said, “You know more about grape growing and wine than some of those who drink it and the funny thing is, you don’t drink.”

Sure enough on the way home, we saw the white florescent lights off in the distance and we knew that indeed they were picking. We joked about how those on The Right want to kick out all undocumented workers. Rob said, “I don’t know anyone who wants to get paid picking by the pound. A bottle would cost three times as much if a minimum wage was paid.” He named off a few excellent wineries and said, “Landmark makes some of the best Pinot Noir if they had to pay a real wage, the price would be prohibitive.” We pulled up to his car and he said, “I’m opening a bottle of Landmark and relax.” This too will pass

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