I find it interesting that white supremacists are lining up behind Donald J Trump because finally as they say, “There’s a candidate who can speak for us.” Notice the men screaming and yelling at the end of this video… The supporters of this demagog are the usual bunch of guys living in the backwaters of a trailer park. I love how these men open carry their guns with pride yet they’re total and complete cowards. You know the guys, they beat up their wives and girlfriends and then tell you they’re responsible gun owners and Americans.

Here is what is really scary, Trump is laughable but what he has unleashed is the hate for those who are different and to make things worse,just think of this, if Trump gets elected and resigns, Mike Pense will be President. That alone is a scary thought… This too will pass

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  2. It’s not just people from the South who live in “the backwaters of a trailer park” who are supporters. I know people tend to lump all Southerners into one imbecilic, hillbilly package but there are some of us who actually have at least half a brain.
    They’re also not the only ones who beat up their wives and girlfriends and call themselves responsible gun owners and Americans.
    As a Southerner, it has always been difficult to have that stigma attached to my heritage and hear blanket statements about our ignorance.
    I have lived all over the North and I have found the extent of racism, bigotry, antisemitism, homosexual bashing, and yes, all the things you cite, to be just as prevalent “up there.”
    People hear my accent and automatically assume that I’m a Republican. Is that fair or is it just another form of “profiling?”
    Maybe I’m too sensitive but I am actually proud to be Southern…and as I said. Not all of us are idiots and not all of us support idiots.

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