Working Overtime…

It’s 3:45am and the crickets are making their legs be heard. It was incredibly hot yesterday afternoon and a perfect time for a tire blow out. It turns out I didn’t get a blow out, my wheel rim got bent which actually is worse because now I need to look for a matching wheel. Thankfully I didn’t get rid of Grandpa Scion XB so I’ll drive to work using him today…

This Sunday is my scheduled day to work and I don’t mind it at all, in fact it’s way better because managers aren’t likely to pull up on me. Today is going to be another scorcher in Sonoma but down in Oakland it should be quite pleasant. That reminds me to leave plenty of water out for Mr. Toonce. Anyway, the crickets have been making their music all night, usually they call it a night by this time, I guess it’s a perfect night to make music…

The cricket leader must have told his orchestra to call it a night because now there’s a single violin player doing a solo. Wait, it’s exactly 4:17 and they have all called it a night. I can imagine the cricket leader saying, “Ok everyone, good job. We will do it again tomorrow evening. Stay safe out there.” This too will pass

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