A Real Wheel Nightmare…

My day started early when my phone went off at 2:30am, I hopped into the newer Scion and headed down to Oakland. The car didn’t sound the same with the donut tire on the front right side. I made it to work and upon inspection noticed the spare looked as if it was going to explode. I did what I needed to do involving my job and then I went to look for a matching wheel…

The first guy said, “Scion got a load of those in 2014 but they are out of stock. You may find one at a junk yard.” The next tire and wheel gentleman was less caring and he had tires to sell, my problem wasn’t worth his time. I then looked at the company’s website but that was only more bad news. “Everything comes to an end. This model is no longer sold. Try finding used ones online or a parts yard. (Ed had tried over the weekend to hunt one down on Craigslist for me.)

Thank goodness I worked 10 hours yesterday and today I will have worked fourteen hours because I’ll need it to cover the four new rims and a one new tire, oh and the rental car for three days. Did I mention the alignment stuff and of course the replacement wheels have to come from Ohio. What a wheel nightmare! This too will pass

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