Mark and Locate…

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company did a call this early morning, the phone began to ring at 2:29am. I fumbled for the phone and first thought, “Why is Matt calling me at 2:30 in the morning?” Then I heard, “We have an emergency mark and locate in Oakland on Lima Vista. Would you be willing to take it?” I agreed and threw on my pants and boots. 

An hour later I was warming my truck and checking out the cable maps where the ruptured water main had happened to see if any of our cables were in the area. None were to be found but I needed to mark the pavement as such. I knew John, my supervisor, would question me later in the day and tell me that everything I did was wrong. (He does that a lot.) 

Let’s see, I got called in at 2:30am and took it to 6:30am, I get time and a half for those four hours at a rate of 65:00 an hour, I get 90 miles of mileage and bridge toll and since I volunteered to come in 2 hours before my shift today, I get a mile credit. I may do everything wrong but I get paid quite handsomely for doing everything wrong. I forgot to mention, by the time I got to the location of the water main break, the city crew had already dug the hole…. This too will pass

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