Aiming Well…

To the men in the audience, have you noticed bathroom designers are placing urinals with an embossed fly on them, I guess men are known for being bad shots but why a fly? I may not like flies but even a fly has worth and talk about not valuing another living thing. Yesterday however, I did notice urinal manufacturing companies have changed from blue flies to blue pieces of chewed gum to aim at… 

Only in America do we need to do this sort of thing and somehow we still are able to call our country civilized. Listen don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of flies but at what point do we start to respect every living thing. We have become a society where we don’t care about other living things and when a group or person does, they are called tree huggers or animal kooks…

I was hearing a commercial for Whole Foods meat department the other day and for a moment I thought to myself, “Beef raised humanly. Yeah, until they get the impact hammer in their skulls.” Just the fact they can’t say the word cows shows me that euphemism of beef rather than cow makes one believe that no animals are killed in the process of producing beef ribs. 

For your information, I aim away from the fly but I’m weird. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Aiming Well…

  1. Having never seen such a thing, I was hoping for a photo – lol! 😉 A simple red dot would do the job, I’d think.
    America is an interesting place. One of my favorite columns in The Week is ‘Only in America’ – you read the most insane things there.

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