Rabbits and Money…

In 72 months this little purple Scion XB will be all mine or at least the piece of water stamped paper will say it’s mine. By the way, at the rate I’m driving it, it will last a few years past the final payment. Saturday’s near collision with those rabbits will cost me a few more dollars but who’s counting. The act of avoiding killing the pair of long ears on the road down the hill from The Firewood Temple has led to new rims, a tire and a three day car rental. Meanwhile the rabbits are chomping on some tasty vegetation all the while saying, “This is real good.” Oh I don’t know what rabbits think about but they aren’t thinking how close they came to becoming vulture food.

Doing the math, I’ll be just turning sixty-five and a half just as the last payment is due if I can’t pay it off sooner. People owe me money and I hope they remember who helped them when they needed help. I tend to believe they won’t but I’m hoping they do. I think the life of a rabbit might be a bit more simple than this life we lead. When I told one of my coworkers about my near miss the other day and of all the complications resulting from the near miss, he said, “You should have just hit them. They’re just rabbits.” I replied, “Yeah I guess.” I didn’t even like myself for even saying yeah I guess.

The tire guy reminded me to bring down the damaged tire and rim so he could remove the tire sensor and put in the new tire. I followed his instructions and drove down to Alameda. I drove up on the tire store lot and there he was in all his purple glory with a numbered cone sitting on his hood. All the windows were down, I asked the cheery greeter, “I was told my car would be safe. Why are the windows wide open?” He gave me a mumbled excuse that didn’t make sense. I said, “Can you please close them up?” He quickly found the keys and did roll them up. You know life is much simpler being a rabbit. Sure it comes with dangers but I swear I’d might rather be munching on some tasty grass than what I’m doing now… This too will pass


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