Up Selling…

My first job was an auto repair shop on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in West Oakland… The place looked more like a abandoned junk yard than a repair shop. The place came with a mean looking dog chained up in the corner. No wonder he looked mean, it was hot and there was no shade for him… I tried to greet the old grizzly owner but he was on his phone complaining at the business office. He kept saying, “I told you I don’t need no internet. I want just my phone turned back on!” 

I think after saying it enough times he was transferred to a representative in the United States. Again I heard him say, “You’re the third person I’ve told that I don’t want no internet. I want my phone turned back on.” Finally the voice on the other end responded correctly because he seemed to calm down a little. He turned to me and said, “I’ve been on the phone for an hour telling them I don’t need no internet.”

It was just as he was telling me for the second time he didn’t need no internet than John showed up on my job. He walked in and attempted to ask me, “Have you been able to get his internet up?” That caused the old man to take it out on John. I looked at John and with my eyes said, “Now you asked for it.” John attempted to reason brother to brother but that just made the man madder. At one point the man said, “You thugs have destroyed this neighborhood and people are afraid to come here.” 

John is a lot of things, a hard nosed retired drill sargent but a thug he isn’t. He told me to go to my truck and I more than willingly complied.  John grew up in West Oakland but that old man must have said something to him to make him see red. I went on to my next job… This too will pass

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