Get Them Started Early…

So after our usual Wednesday safety meeting and my first job, I decided to take a break at a Peets in Berkeley. Now remember, I’m in Berkeley, the land of free thought and free love. Okay so it was their motto in the 60’s but it still it’s on the forefront for intelligent liberal ideas. 

A woman walks in with her four year old daughter in a stroller and orders two iced caramel macchiatos. I figure she’s ordering the second one for her jogging partner. The second woman orders a cappuccino and a chocolate milk for her daughter also in a stroller. After a few minutes the barrista calls out, “I have two caramel macchiatos on the bar for Tara!” 
The woman takes two straws and punches thru the lids and gives one to the little girl. The little girl begins to drink it as if she hadn’t had water in days. I was actually surprised how fast she was able to drink it down. The moment she finished the drink, she fell back into her seat as if she had just main lined heroin and fell asleep. Berkeley, a city where do your own thing still exists. I have a feeling Peets has a customer for life… This too will pass

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