Prop 56… No or Yes

“They’re at it again. Those greedy tax loving individuals and organizations…” When I heard that political ad I said to myself, “Those greedy tax loving individuals how dare they try it again!” Yes, I know the major backers against Prop 56 are Phillip Morris and Altera but there are also concerned citizens backing the “no more taxes” on cigarette campaign. Many times I’ve asked myself how trustworthy those citizens and corporations are? Oh it doesn’t matter because if you can’t trust the world’s largest cigarette manufacturering companies then who can you trust? They have always been there for us like when… Oh that’s not important, what’s important is they don’t want us to pay more taxes on their products.

Do you know why I’m now inclined to vote against Prop 56?  Our children will suffer because of less funding to our impoverished schools. I don’t know how cigarette taxes and our little ones go together, I guess Joe Camel won’t be able to show up on campus and give out free lighters or samples. Yeah you’re right, they don’t do that here in the U.S. No they save that for third world countries… A while back I saw a little cigarette shop outside of a grade school in Thailand. Don’t worry they didn’t make the impoverished kids buy a whole pack at a time, they sold singles to the third graders…

Listen if you vote against, Phillip Morris and Altera promise to help people stop smoking. Come on, you know from day one they have told us that smoking is bad for people and that inhaling second hand smoke was unhealthy. Wasn’t it them who voluntarily put those warning messages on all cigarette packs? Wait I’ve been informed they fought doing that tooth and nail. What? He also says they would have third graders smoke if they could… I’m shocked, I thought they were on our side.. I’m voting yes… This too will pass

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