It’s Tough Around Here…

Sonoma California is a town where they still have a hanging tree, it really doesn’t but man they are strict… I thought I saw a brown shirted man with black boots carrying a handful of skateboards to his vehicle. I don’t even think confiscating skateboards by any citizen is even legal but I’m not going to say anything. I don’t want a knock on my door later. 

What do you want to bet if the skateboarder looks like he just was released from San Quentin State Prison, he wouldn’t have his board confiscated… I guess this sign is addressed to the pimpled faced teenager who might be intimidated by a uniformed seven dollar an hour guard. I find it interesting how this strip mall manager can place this sign and think it’s a valid law.
Oh look, another sign. “People caught parking over the white line are subject to disembowelment.” A bit harsh but parking is always at a premium. 

They don’t have to worry about me riding a skateboard on their property. The one time I got on one I nearly killed myself. I’ll be right back, the guard says I parked over the line and wants to speak to me around back… This too will pass

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