Now We’re In Trouble…

I was about to check out a YouTube video and one of those obnoxious ads popped up. You know the kind, the financial guru telling you to invest with him and he’ll set you free. The soft yet stern male voice said, “Stop! You can see the video you want to watch in a few minutes. Check this out.” Well I’m into 20 minutes and I still don’t know what he’s selling. The guy’s name is Bill Bonner of Agora Inc. and he claims this country is sick. It’s all about the credit system we live with and there’s nothing but doom and gloom in our future.

With our credit system as it is, we are near the end. Soon banks will close and dogs and cat will be living in unholy matrimony. He did say some wise things such as credit is all about faith, faith that you will be paid back. Listen maybe we need something drastic to change the path we are on. In 2008 the housing market and home loans nearly destroyed our economy but I view us as humans, we’re like ants. You smash a few ants on their path but you know what, in a little while they are once again on their path.

I do find it interesting that he says banks don’t want us to use cash. J.P Morgan Chase doesn’t allow their customers to store cash in safe deposit boxes. The end is near and maybe Ed my religious co-worker might be right. As of yet I myself haven’t seen a Horseman of The Apocalypse though this morning I did see a guy riding a horse on the hill. Evidentially there isn’t enough real cash to cover all the debt. If people are cut off from their money, the Starbucks I’m sitting in might go broke. People won’t be able to buy their triple latte with two pumps of sweeter and dry foam for 4.50 a cup. Okay he’s selling his book, The Great American Credit Crunch. He lives in Argentina, Oh brother… This too will pass





4 thoughts on “Now We’re In Trouble…

  1. Ha! I have a wonderful thing called “Ad-Blocker” so I never see this sort of thing.
    I have actually heard that banks don’t want you to use cash and I have also heard that they don’t like credit card customers who pay the entire balance every month. They make no money off of the enormous interest rates. I have never paid a credit card company one cent of interest and if they want to take my cards away…let them do it. Cash is still king.

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