Abused 4-year-old child tells police her name is ‘Idiot’


What is wrong with these people?  Are they so brain dead to damage a innocent four year old? I hope both of these animals have a tough time in the prison system. Who really knows what this animal did besides hitting the little girl, he could be a short eyes. Short eyes are at the bottom of the food chain in prison and rightly they should be. I am sorry for insulting animals because animals wouldn’t do such a thing. I find the reporter/writer saying, “The physical injuries will heal soon but the mental wounds might take a long time… How about never heal? 

This too better pass

2 thoughts on “Abused 4-year-old child tells police her name is ‘Idiot’

  1. This just made tears well up, and then I read my dear friend Laurel’s comment and there the came. My son was abused by his father, and that was hard enough, he had me to somehow give him balance, but God….for those who don’t. I just want to say, I love them…they deserve love and belonging. No matter that the people who cared for them weren’t capable. So sad….

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