Hey! I Know Her…

One part of my morning ritual is reading the online version of Press Democrat newspaper. So I’m reading about a deadly accident at the Sonoma-Marin county line last night and I say to myself, “I know that person!” At 1am a car heading southbound on The 101 collided with a wrong way driver. Of course the drunk driver wasn’t killed in the collision, only Satchiko Umehara minding her business died.

The woman who died was the owner of a nursery on Stony Point Road which specialized in Japanese maple trees. I had gone there once and checked out maple trees when I took over that house in 2008. Satchiko greeted me and showed me around her yard/store. I told her how I had taken two years of Japanese at San Francisco State Daigaku (University) and of how I believed one of my past lives I was a Japanese soldier. She was truly a nice person.

Her life was taken by Kristine Collier who had had too much to drink and turned onto the freeway in the wrong direction. I have a feeling at some point in the near future, she’s going say, “I wish it was me who was killed.” The CHP arrested Ms. Collier as she lay severely injured in hospital. What do you want to bet she’ll have an excuse for driving on the wrong side of the road?

You would think Ms. Collier at the age of 47 would know not to drink and drive… I do know this, she’s going to pay for a long time for her mistake but I hope something good comes out of this tragic event and I hope the family has the ability to forgive Ms. Collier. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Hey! I Know Her…

  1. This is so heart-breaking but so typical. As a former EMT, I would run on crashes and the drunk driver was walking around, whining about wanting another beer while the person he hit lay dying.
    My ex used to drive drunk all the time. It caused a lot of scenes and fights and once resulted in him throwing the keys in my face. I told him that it was people like him who killed people like me.
    People get caught driving drunk and rarely (if ever) suffer any real consequences. I asked my ex one time how that kept happening.
    His answer made so much sense…although I was outraged. He said “because 99.9% of all judges and jurors have at one time gotten into their cars and driven drunk.” I guess the reasoning is…”if you’re a thief, it’s hard to convict another one.”

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